Over 30 Fun Dallas Summer Camps for Kids

Over 30 Fun Dallas Summer Camps for Kids

  • Wendy Quenzer
  • 01/18/22

Can you believe it's almost time to start thinking about Dallas summer camps for 2022?!

Many DFW-area summer camps have registrations that open up in the next couple of weeks so January is a great time to start your research and begin to narrow down your favorites.
We put together a comprehensive list for you to explore with more than 30, fun Dallas Summer Camps for Kids! We hope this list helps you organize your schedule this summer. If you know of a camp you'd like us to feature on our list, please send us a message and we'll make sure to include it.

Active Camps

Are you interested in a camp that will help get out all of the wiggles? Maybe one of these active camps is what you are seeking for your kiddo!

Science Camps

Maybe your child enjoys STEM and likes doing hands-on activities like building and conducting science experiments.  A science camp could be exactly what you are looking for!

Art & Music Camps

Art and creativity teach problem solving and develop confidence in our children! We are lucky to have several very talented art and music instructors in the East Dallas area who share their love of music and the arts with children!

Animal Camps

Do your children love animals? Maybe they would enjoy one of these camps! 

Language Camps

Are you interested in growing your students' ability to speak a new language? Check out these language camps!

Variety of Activities Camps

Sometimes it's easier to have a one-stop-shop that offers full day camps with a variety of different activities from week-to-week. Many DFW-area private schools, universities, and churches have both full and half-day options like this!

We are your Local Experts.

The trusted experts at Local Resident Realty use their extensive knowledge of the Dallas housing market plus their knowledge of the "little" details (like the best summer camps!!) that make a community feel like the perfect fit for you and your family. You can count on the team at Local Resident Real Estate to make your home buying or selling process educational, stress-free, and financially rewarding.

* Some websites may not yet be updated for summer 2022. Please check these websites again in the future for updated information, usually some time in February.

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